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Walking to and from the bus before and after work used to be lost time. The same was true for standing sardine-like on the bus. Assuming I can find a seat (less likely during peak times due to people apparently using their car less) I typically break out a journal such as Dr Dobbs or read a book, not so easy when walking, crossing roads or just trying to stand up in a moving vehicle. Enter podcasts…

If you have an Apple iPod+iTunes or some other MP3 player and appropriate software, you’ll find more podcasts (radio programs or Net-only “broadcasts”) than you can keep up with.

Here’s the Astronomy and Science related podcasts I currently listen to:

  1. The ABC Science Show
  2. Slacker Astronomy
  3. Berkeley Groks Science Show
  4. Planetary Radio from the Planetary Society
  5. Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American
  6. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Podcast
  7. New Scientist Podcast

On September 14, Slacker Astronomy split into Slackerpedia Galactica and AstronomyCast, since the original team seems to have split.

Although not strictly Science shows, three other relevant ABC Radio podcasts I listen to are:

  1. Ockham’s Razor
  2. All in the Mind (Psychology)
  3. The Philosopher’s Zone

These along with a bunch of programming and software engineering podcasts make otherwise dead walking time into productive ambulatory adventures.

Go to the ABC Radio National Podcast page for the ABC podcasts listed above.

Google will get you to the rest of the podcasts listed.

Finally, here is an article from the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers about astronomy and science podcasts, including some of those listed above.

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