Nova Del 2013 designation change and update

Nova Delphini 2013 now has a more “normal” variable star catalog designation: V0339 Delphini.

Since my last post, the nova has dropped from 6.8 to 7.2 and the light curve continues to show a decline, although less steep the last few days.


I’ve been clouded out the last 2 nights but my observation from 3 nights ago is in the cross hairs and my humble 10 observations so far are shown in purple.

We really do have a great opportunity in the southern hemisphere to make observations of events that would otherwise be missed. Obviously I’m not the only person down here who is observing this object but for a few hours in some cases, the record shows that the observations are a bit thin.


That stray magnitude 6.4 observation to the right of the cross hairs appears to be discrepant. There’s a fair amount of spread in the visual estimates but there’s also some disagreement from the photometric (Johnson V) observers.

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