Nova Delphini 2013 at “standstill”

We’re three days further along and Nova Delphini 2013, having so far peaked at magnitude 4.3, has been more or less at standstill within a range of half a magnitude since about August 17. The visual and Johnson V light curve is shown below.


My observations are shown in purple (5.6, 4.7, 4.9), the first under the cross hairs. Click the image to enlarge it. The last two were more difficult to make than the first because of intermittent, fast moving cloud, an almost full moon, and in the case of the third observation (at right) low elevation (soon after rising).

There certainly seems to be some discrepant observations. The nova is being observed in many more bands than are shown here, e.g. infrared. Here’s a multi-band (12) light curve for the same time period.


Note that different bands have different magnitude ranges.

What will Nova Del  2013 do next? Decline or brighten?

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