VStar cited in “Amplitude Variation in Pulsating Red Giants” papers

VStar was cited and made use of in two recent papers by John R. Percy and co-authors:

Date Compensated Discrete Fourier Transform (DCDFT) and Weighted Wavelet Z-Transform (WWZ) were used, DCDFT for period search, WWZ to look for amplitude variation over time within a period range. I was particularly happy to read the following in the acknowledgements sections:

We also thank the team which developed the VSTAR package, and made it user-friendly and publicly available.

The creation of a freely available, multi-platform, user-friendly tool was a central design goal. Thank you John, Viraja, and Romina for your use of VStar and kind words. Any feedback you might have on how to enhance VStar further will, of course, be gladly accepted.

Note that as an alternative (or in addition) to pointing to the AAVSO VStar page when citing VStar in a paper, I’d like to suggest that this paper be used:

Benn, D. 2012, “Algorithms + Observations = VStar”, JAAVSO, v40, n2, pp.852-866.

The paper can be found in eJAAVSO.

In any case, I’m pleased to see the adoption of VStar on the rise. It encourages me further to continue active development.

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