V1369 Cen light curve and cloud, cloud, cloud (did I mention cloud?)

Not even a glimpse this morning at 4:15 am and for the next hour.

“Partly cloudy” was a slight exaggeration and the forecast currently doesn’t look good for most of the coming week.


Of course, that part of the sky was clear by the time I emerged after an unusually long saturday morning sleep in.

Reports from others suggest that the nova may have peaked. Here’s the light curve so far, consisting of 55 (non fainter-than) observations.


It shouldn’t be too surprising that there are fewer observations for this nova in the same period of time as there were for V0339 Del which was:

  • Visible in the evening sky rather than the early morning.
  • Not as bright (around a magnitude less at peak).
  • Visible in northerly latitudes.

Despite the forecast, I’ll try again tomorrow morning. A fellow ASSA member told me that the southern sky was clear around 30 minutes before I was observing yesterday morning. The weather pays no heed to the likes of us.

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