Estimates of V1369 Cen and light curve update

Once the weather had improved, I was able to make two estimates of V1369 Cen, in the early hours of December 12th and 14th, and submit them to AAVSO.

In the week following these observations, work was all-consuming (in a positive way) and I needed to get plenty of sleep. The weather is uncooperative in Adelaide again at the moment. Being on leave for a couple of weeks makes it less of a problem getting up at an early hour when the weather does improve again.

The nova continues to be interesting as shown by the current light curve.


This AAVSO article provides a great summary of the evolution of the nova so far.

I continue to watch this object with interest.

One Response to “Estimates of V1369 Cen and light curve update”

  1. Волк с Уолл-стрит кинопоиск рРИ Says:

    Лидеры проката!

    Смотрите популярные фильмы

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