LIGO Gravitational Wave detection: the work of many…

I think it’s worth noting that 3 of the authors of the LIGO Gravitational Wave detection paper are listed as deceased (two in 2015 and 1 in 2012) and humbling to realise that, especially in a field like cosmology or particle physics, a scientist could spend his or her working life on something like this and never see the sought-after result.
It also emphasises that Science is usually not about a single person working in isolation, but about the work of many people collaborating and competing over a long period of time.
An ABC post about David Blair’s work on this for 40 years further underscores the point.
Congratulations to the hundreds (from the author list alone!) of scientists, engineers, and support people who contributed in some way to the first direct detection of gravitational values 100 years after their prediction from general relativity by Einstein.

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  1. John Says:

    Nothing deep, was just talking with someone on IRC about my first website which was created to support a ANSI>CNet converter I wrote in ACE BASIC… so I did a lil diggin and found you & the logo I created for ACE BASIC ( 🙂 (IIRC, which is questionable these days:) )

    • dbenn Says:

      Hi John! It’d be nice to chat more about this. 🙂 Let me know the best way to get in contact, e.g. via IRC or a web site or email. It’s 20 years this year since I stopped working on ACE. Amazing… David

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