Update on two novae in Sagittarius

Poor weather then being away for work for three days last week has kept me away from variable star observing since October 29. Last night (November 6) I observed TCP J18102829-2729590 and ASASSN-16ma again.

While the first is on the decline currently (around magnitude 9):


On the other hand, I caught ASASSN-16ma on the rise. My October 29 observation gave a visual magnitude of 10.3 whereas last night it was 7.3. Several hours later others were recording it at around 6.5:


So, ASASSN-16ma has exceeded TCP J18102829-2729590’s maximum (so far) by around one magnitude. If this rate of increase continues, who knows, maybe it will reach naked eye visibility. Here’s hoping!


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  1. Allgemeines Live-Blog ab dem 2. November 2016 | Skyweek Zwei Punkt Null Says:

    […] ASSASN-16ma noch? Während eine kürzlich diesem Sternbild keine große Leuchte wurde, steigt eine zweite ’nebenan‘ immer weiter, wie diese AAVSO-Roh-Lichtkurve bis soeben zeigt: Gerade hat sie 6.0 mag. im Visuellen […]

  2. Jean-Francois Goutq Says:

    Just took images showing the novae at magnitude 5.7 and others have been reporting magnitudes in the range of 5.5 – 6.0 in the past couple of hours (November 8th, 00:00 UT). So, the lucky people with clear skies on the evening of election day might have a chance to see it with the naked eye!

  3. dbenn Says:

    I’m on the way home from work right now in Adelaide (South Australia) and I have clear skies at the moment. Here’s hoping it holds!

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