Questionable church signs #1

An Adelaide church sign recently caught my attention:

I’ve omitted the border because I’m not interested in pointing to a particular congregation.

While cute, what struck me about the words is that it illustrates how we are able to create gods in our own image.

Is it really such a leap to go from this to considering the Ten Commandments or the golden rule as the possible product of a human community rather than divine inspiration?

Wouldn’t it be more effective just to point people to Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot on YouTube?

2 Responses to “Questionable church signs #1”

  1. codeinfig Says:

    nobody really cares about the pale blue dot.

    i think its cool. look around, who do you think cares? how many people do you think are that thoughtful? it was a moving message in its time– always will be for some people. also i always liked that billboard. “love thy neighbor is the whole of the law, the rest is commentary.”

  2. ao dong phuc hoc sinh Says:

    ao dong phuc hoc sinh

    Questionable church signs #1 | Strange Quarks

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