Killing Ducks for “Fun”

If a being suffers there can be no moral justification for refusing to take that suffering into consideration.

Peter Singer, Animal Liberation

Killing a duck or any other animal can not be reasonably thought of as sport.

Some humans might think of it as fun, but that just amounts to overt sadism and absence of empathy.

What’s next: safaris with human targets?

Why is one OK but the other is not? Tradition? Voter demand? Culture?

Nothing justifies any of it. Simple as that.

A parliamentary inquiry into Victoria’s duck hunting season is underway.

During the 2022 season, 262,567 individuals were shot out of the sky in the name of “sport” and countless more were likely wounded and left to endure slow, painful deaths.

With the 2023 hunting season due to start on 26 April, let’s try to make sure this will be the last time war is waged on our wetlands. Join us in speaking up for ducks by making a submission to the inquiry.

PETA Australia

It’s not complicated. It’s not hard to understand.

Just make it stop!

I just had my say. Please consider doing so.

Our species seriously needs to grow up, for our sake, but mostly for the sake of every other species we terrorise, use, and abuse.

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